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Commercially-focused legal advice from pension experts.

The Isle of Man is a leading jurisdiction within which to establish and structure both domestic and international pension schemes.

In addition to the domestic and international regulatory regimes, the Island offers a total of five tax approval regimes that can apply to both personal and occupational schemes depending on a scheme’s arrangement. The breadth of these regimes allows considerable choice for employers and individuals alike. 

Also, where required, the domestic arrangements can be QROPS and/or QNUPS compliant under UK law, and both domestic and international schemes can be drafted to achieve tax approved status under other jurisdictions’ approval regimes and can be structured to achieve FATCA and CRS exempt status.

Our Expertise.

We have extensive experience advising government, corporate and trustee clients on all aspects of pension issues including: scheme design, establishment and amendment (statutory, personal and occupational), tax approval, regulatory authorisations; pension product development; scheme mergers and winding up (solvent and insolvent); scheme deficit and surplus; corporate sale, acquisition and restructuring; domestic employer debt issues; PPF liabilities and exemptions (re domestic schemes); executive severance and advice relating to professional advisers and investment management.

In terms of more contentious work, we have experience of litigating and advising upon pension scheme management and administration, the consequences of improper re-domiciliation of pensions to the Isle of Man, investment insolvency and alleged mis-management of investments.

We also have extensive experience in providing legal advice in respect of employee benefit arrangements in the Isle of Man including: restricted stock plans, restricted stock unit plans, option plans, term incentive plans, stock purchase plans and cash plans.