Wills & Estate Planning

People seldom organise their affairs to make life simple for their lawyers. We often find that clients’ business and financial affairs cross many boundaries and jurisdictions. Our private client department has over 100 years experience of providing estate planning advice for families and individuals, taking into account fiscal planning, family circumstances and ease of administration.

We regularly draft wills for local residents as well as wills for foreign domiciled persons with assets in the Isle of Man. We provide guardianship and probate advice and provide full executorship services to a wide range of clients, both local and international. When taking instructions for a will, we are careful to ensure that the client is aware of the practical and fiscal implications of putting his or her wishes into effect. Good will-drafting often involves our advocates acting as a sounding-board for the ideas of the client and his other professional advisers, as well as making suggestions of their own.

We take the time to acquire a thorough understanding of each client’s circumstances and to achieve his or her objectives by the intelligent application of relevant law. By working closely with respected tax advisors both locally and internationally we aim to provide solutions that are tailored to an individual’s needs and that are designed to ensure that a testator’s wishes are observed without dispute.

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