Elaine Codona Joins Cains as Head of HR

Elaine Codona has been appointed Head of Human Resources at leading Isle of Man-based legal and business services group Cains with a key role as a member of its leadership team.

“HR is an integral part of the development of Cains,” said Elaine, a Glaswegian, who moved to the Island four years ago. “I will be involved in anything which is people related – this will include reviewing employment documentation and practices to ensure they are kept up to date with current employment legislation in the areas we operate .”

Elaine added: “I will also be involved with the leadership team in taking forward the People Plan for Cains, making sure the culture is one that enables people to do the best they can within their roles and this will include areas such as career development and talent management.

“New equality legislation is being proposed for the Isle of Man over the next year or so. Having been involved in the introduction of the Equality Act in the UK in 2010, this gives me some understanding of the requirements for businesses on the island as it is likely that the legislation will be based on the UK legislation.”

The job that brought Elaine to the Island in 2012 was that of Director/Head of HR with Barclays Private Clients International, working in partnership with the Board and Offshore Island leaders to define and shape the HR/strategy solutions relating to the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

On leaving in 2014 she set up her own Douglas-based business, Global People Solutions Ltd, a commercially-focused HR consultancy business that enables its clients to achieve their full potential through the provision of fully comprehensive outsourced services.

In total, her HR experience and pedigree stretches back 20 years and includes two years as European Policy Manager with Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd.

Andrew Corlett, Cains Group Chairman said: “I am delighted that Elaine is joining us and her experience will be a great asset to the business. She is a high achiever with a track record of maximising opportunities and growth within the most challenging and competitive environments. I have known Elaine for a number of years professionally and have always admired her insight and acuity. Cains’ growth in business complexity and staff numbers have made it very important to us that we have a head of HR with Elaine’s experience and skill sets. Accordingly, I am very pleased Elaine has joined us.”