Cains Insight

How does it work?

At Cains, we understand that writing essays is really only one part of higher education. Hands-on experience in a suitable environment is invaluable for preparing students for the world of work and it is vital for giving you the edge when entering the job market after graduation. For this reason, every year we offer two brilliant and enthusiastic students the chance to get a head-start and find out what a career in the legal world is really all about.

Successful applicants will be invited to our Fort Anne offices for two weeks in June or July to gain a real insight into the profession. You will by no means just be making tea: you’ll have a chance to see different key areas and help out with legal research, marketing and other such activities. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your future with senior members of staff.

Unlike many student internships and work experience programmes, this will be a paid placement. We only wish to recruit the very best students and therefore are offering a competitive weekly wage.

What are we looking for?

The scheme is open to undergraduates who normally live in the Isle of Man when they aren’t at university. We seek to recruit students who not only excel academically, but also have a mature outlook and plenty of common sense.

It’s not strictly just open to those currently studying towards a law degree, but an interest and an understanding of the field are a must.

The lawyers at Cains come from various educational and career backgrounds and this diversity really is important to our firm. There are many different routes to the profession and you can find out more from our step by step guide to becoming a Manx advocate.

How do I apply?

Applications open at the beginning of December every year and entries must be submitted no later than the end of February. Final decisions will be made in March and we’ll notify you whether you have been successful no later than the end of the month. Interested students are asked to submit their CV, covering letter and a 1,500 word essay on a topic of their choice. For further information, please contact Matthew Quinn.