Cains to present at NBAA Conference

Cains will be presenting at the annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference in Boca Raton, Florida from 10-12 February 2016. The conference focuses on global business aviation finance and legal issues, bringing together some of the industry’s leading banks and professionals.

Steven Quayle, head of aviation at Cains, will be presenting on the growth of dedicated business jet aircraft registries in Europe, with particular focus on the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

He says “the Isle of Man Aircraft Register has had great success in other regions of the World, but remains less well-known as an alternative to the FAA for clients looking for a neutral-flagged register that will accept US design standard aircraft and validate FAA crew licences. The conference is a great opportunity to highlight our register’s success and demonstrate in person how it can benefit owners and financers.”