Cains Hosts New Graduates Of International Space University MBA

Cains, the Isle of Man based law and professional services group, hosted a reception for 22 participants of the International Space University (ISU) executive MBA programme, to celebrate their graduation.

Cains had particular reason to celebrate, as one of their associates, Heather Gordon, was amongst those who graduated. Heather earned a €33,000 scholarship to study the MBA which places particular emphasis on business within the space and satellite industry. Heather was sponsored by SES, a global satellite operator with operations on the Isle of Man.

The students came from nations across the world, including Australia, Oman, the United States and Japan, to the Isle of Man for the final module of their 18-month post-graduate course. During the Isle of Man module, students presented their theses and participated in case studies with respect to jurisdictional choice in the space industry.

The ISU MBA attracted students from a range of background in the space industry including three residents of the Isle of Man, which has a flourishing space and satellite industry.

Students studying for the ISU MBA also visited Strasbourg, Washington DC, Adelaide and Boulder, Colorado as part of their course.

Heather Gordon, Associate, Cains and graduate of the ISU MBA programme, said:

“To graduate the ISU EMBA was a huge honour and achievement, both personally and professionally. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about an exciting and fascinating industry, and one which has such importance to the Isle of Man.

The space sector is at an interesting point in its history with space and satellite companies moving away from traditional state backed finance, towards private investment and commercial finance.”

Heather’s MBA thesis, ‘China, space, business: how will the world react’ reviewed the Chinese commercial space offering (commercial launch services, communications satellites and their components), and analysed where, if anywhere, these products could sit in the current global space supply chain.

Andrew Corlett, Managing Director of Cains, said:
“We were delighted to be able to celebrate all the graduates’ success and the Isle of Man’s contribution to the space commerce sector by inviting all MBA participants to our offices in Fort Anne. We were of course, especially pleased to be able to celebrate with Heather as she graduated.

“The Isle of Man is well established as a base for space and satellite related businesses, and we are proud to be supporting this industry with our experience in space law and business.”