Cains Accompany Isle of Man’s Chief Minister on Official Visit to China

Mike Edwards a director of Cains, the Isle of Man-based law and professional services group, was a member of the private sector delegation which accompanied the Chief Minister on his first official visit to China. Mark Field, the Member of Parliament for the Cities of London and Westminster, was another member of the delegation demonstrating the close links between the Isle of Man and the City of London. The visit, which included events in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, has attracted a significant amount of media coverage in China.

Mike Edwards said: “Cains were delighted to have been included within Mr Bell’s delegation. The Chinese government’s “Go Out” strategy encourages Chinese enterprises to invest overseas and it is very important that the Isle of Man states its case as to why it is a suitable destination for part of that investment. I feel strongly that we need to engage internationally with a view to attracting new business and this visit demonstrates the effectiveness of doing so.”

“We have already acted for a number of Chinese clients who are doing business through the Isle of Man, in industries such as aviation and online media, but it is vital that even more is done to raise the Island’s profile amongst the business community in China. The Chief Minister’s schedule was gruelling and he engaged with senior Chinese officials and entrepreneurs. Although more will need to be done, this was an excellent visit which I am sure enhanced the perception of the Isle of Man.”