Through its network of offices, Cains Fiduciaries can provide a full range of establishment and administration services to companies, US-style LLCs, limited partnerships and other business organisations holding assets and other investments or involved in asset and project finance on a global basis.

Working closely with Cains’ experienced corporate lawyers and external counsel, the team is able to ensure that clients meet their commercial objectives and the timescales demanded in today’s global markets.

A large number of international clients have established tax compliant offshore structures for asset holding purposes. Cains Fiduciaries only operates in those jurisdictions which are internationally recognised as  tax-efficient, responsible and co-operative jurisdictions which appear on the OECD “white list” of countries complying with global standards for tax co-operation and exchange of information.

For clients wishing to use Isle of Man holding structures, benefits include:

  • a flexible, responsive and cost-effective jurisdiction in which to domicile international business;
  • the Isle of Man’s company law is derived from English law, which means that international clients and their advisers are comfortable dealing with Isle of Man companies;
  • the Isle of Man has updated and modernised its company law by introducing a simplified corporate vehicle under the Companies Act 2006;
  • a flexible and responsive Government facilitating expedient establishment of structures through the Isle of Man Companies Registry, and VAT registration, where required, through Isle of Man Customs and Excise;
  • a double taxation treaty with the UK, and tax information exchange agreements with numerous other countries including the UK and the USA, and ongoing negotiations with further countries; and
  • an AA rating from Standard & Poors and a Aa1 rating from Moody’s is recognition of the Isle of Man’s stable economic position.

In addition to the Isle of Man, through its overseas offices, Cains Fiduciaries can provide establishment and administration services to structures domiciled in Jersey, the United Kingdom and the British Virgin Islands [hyperlink to Locations page]

Cains Fiduciaries can also provide services to corporate structures domiciled in other jurisdictionsusing agents located in these jurisdictions with whom we have had a long established relationship.

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